World Robot Olympiad are delighted to welcome SABIC, a world-leading chemistry company, as a Gold sponsor for the upcoming International Finals

SABIC has joined WRO as a Gold Sponsor ahead of the International Finals. SABIC are also the main sponsor of WRO Saudi Arabia. Supporting WRO at both a country and global level reflects SABIC’s commitment to STEM education to support future innovation and drive the talent pipeline. STEM education is one of their corporate social responsibility priorities, priorities which reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

SABIC have a focus on ensuring quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning with the goal of fostering innovation. SABIC’s Global Back to School Initiative benefitted over 120,000 students in 13 countries, while their Global Initiative for Education and Innovation continued with a new focus on distance learning reaching more than 12,000 students in 13 countries. As industry advances and the nature of work changes, they recognise that technology and innovation are integral to their operations and digitisation is key to moving the global chemical industry forward. To do this requires a workforce with new skills and new approaches.

SABIC’s approach complements WRO’s vision of pursuing a future where every curious young person, regardless of their background, is inspired and equipped to achieve their full potential through science, engineering and technology. Children that take part in WRO programmes build STEM knowledge but they also develop employability skills, such as teamwork, resilience and critical thinking; build practical experience; and, show themselves to be imaginative problem-solvers.

The World Robot Olympiad International Final sees some of the most successful and creative young participants from across WRO worldwide competition season showcasing their ability to build and code robots and come up with solutions to some of the world’s current challenges.  Delegations travel from all parts of the globe to participate in the big event and to make new friends from other countries. In a typical year over 400 teams join the competitions, and more than 2,500 people visit the event. Experienced volunteer judges from the WRO community help make the competitions possible, and countless local volunteers do their best to give the international delegations a memorable experience. The support of companies like SABIC not only make the event possible but is vital for showing the young people the opportunities that the skills they have developed open up to them.

The Sr. Manager, Global CSR, Abdulrahman Al-Mulhem from SABIC says “SABIC has always value the partnership development with organizations that promote talent and encourage scientific research. We partner with Saudi Wireless Sports and Robot Federation and Thaka Holding on the World Robot Olympiad to recognize the enormous potential of robotics and related cutting-edge technologies, and motivate students to learn and acquire scientific knowledge in a spirit of competition toward IR 4.0 future needs.”

Tameem Al Othman, VP of Operation at Thaka Holding, WRO’s National Organizer for Saudi Arabia says “Through our beliefs in our youth energy and capabilities and to enhance the awareness of robotics and coding we are proud of our partnership with the Saudi Wireless Sports & Robot Federation, giving Saudi youth a chance to practice STEM using their physical and virtual robots in the national competitions utilizing the digital skills curriculums in a partnership with Saudi MOE. This year we were honoured by Sabic sponsorship nationally and internationally for WRO programs especially sponsoring WRO-Learn and the new tool to reach more students with the virtual robotics environment. Together we are looking to build an environment stimulating innovation and creativity for all students across the globe.”

WRO’s Secretary General Claus Ditlev Christensen says “Whilst WRO has a tremendous global reach we want to ensure many more young people fulfil their potential and become the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. SABIC’s support will help WRO impact positively on the lives of the youth of Saudi Arabia and the wider world.”