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Introducing Aramco, a global leader in the energy and chemicals sectors, renowned for its leadership and unwavering commitment to driving innovation. With a legacy of pioneering advancements that have shaped the industry, Aramco stands as a beacon of excellence, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies. As a Global Innovation Partner of WRO, Aramco recognizes the importance of investing in the future and nurturing the next generation of innovators. By joining forces with WRO, Aramco is not only supporting our mission to inspire and educate young minds but also fostering an environment where creativity and ingenuity thrive. Through this partnership, Aramco’s expertise and resources aim to help drive innovation within WRO by enriching our programs and competitions. Together, we’re not just shaping the leaders of tomorrow, we’re building a future where young minds are empowered to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow with confidence and creativity.

Read more about the projects WRO and Aramco will undertake.

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LEGO Education Creativity Award 2023 – Team ROCOM from South Korea

LEGO® Education

For more than 40 years, LEGO® Education has empowered students to turn their natural curiosity into creative exploration, equipping them to take on the future as the world changes around them. Students bring science, technology, design engineering, math and coding to life in the classroom using LEGO Education SPIKE Prime. Here, they design and build programmable robots to solve problems within STEM, combining their design and coding skills to create innovative solutions to real-world problems. Get hands on with the power of coding, by encouraging students to develop 21st century skills through computational thinking, as they program solutions in a real-world context, using engaging physical and digital creation.

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Gold Partner

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fischertechnik have been on the market for almost 60 years, bringing joy to big and small children of play.  The high level of acceptance among children, parents, teachers, trainers and engineers makes fischertechnik an educationally valuable toy and, in addition, a successful teaching tool at schools, universities and in training companies.

fischertechnik have been inspiring children, pupils, teachers and engineers since 1965! The fischertechnik construction kits “Made in Germany” impart basic technical understanding in a playful way according to the motto “Understanding technology through play”!

The versatile fischertechnik basic building block is the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets, which are assembled appropriately the’ ages and skill levels of any builder. The basic building block allows you to add other parts and build on all six sides. Everything works together and all of the blocks fit together to create a logical concept. From great basic building blocks to refined technology details, you can combine everything together. No matter how challenging the models are:  fischertechnik guarantees you can always use parts from any fischertechnik construction set.

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Silver Partners

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Meritus Center for Creativity and Education

Meritus are on a mission to provide K-12 students with powerful & transformational educational experiences.
They specialise in creating age-appropriate curriculum & educational resources that are future-proof and involve experiential learning.

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ELECFREAKS is an official Chinese Partner of micro:bit Educational Foundation focusing on developing educational and creative micro:bit accessories for the world. We devote to providing the most complete and excellent products and services to our customers. We have created tutorial blogs, learning materials, videos and fun case studies as part of building global micro:bit communities in education.



OLIBOTS are a new educational robot brought to you by Aprender Haciendo, a company dedicated to providing courses and robotics and science sets to promote technological education in Costa Rica and Central America.

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Academic Partners

Established universities worldwide acknowledge that taking part in competitions like World Robot Olympiad™ prepares students for higher education. Our University Partners offer WRO alumni the possibility to apply for special scholarships. If you know an alumnus, do not hesitate to tell them about the possibility if they are thinking of studying abroad!

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NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering empowers people to use science and technology as tools to build a better society. Dedicated to creating solutions that can tackle tomorrow’s problems today, NYU Tandon focuses on invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a university partner, NYU Tandon School of Engineering supports the mission of World Robot Olympiad to engage young people from around the world by developing their creativity while working to solve challenges through robotic competition.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering offers scholarship opportunities to WRO alumni that are admitted to one of the undergraduate programs.

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