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Questions & Answers

At this page we will publish frequently asked and important questions related to the WRO® 2020 games. The answers on this page should be seen as additions to the rules and will be used for the WRO International Final. Be aware that in your country local competitions may follow slightly different rules. Always use the rules provided by your National Organizer.


All age groups

When do you get points for missions “Park the robot” and “Moor the robot”?2023-08-07T18:27:30+02:00

The missions “Park the robot” and “Moor the robot” only score points, if the robot fullfills the requirements at the end of the run. This applies to all three age groups.

Is it allowed to use a LEGO pneumatic kit?2023-08-04T15:43:57+02:00

Yes, a LEGO pneumatic kit can be used. It is allowed to fill it with air before the run.

Clarification regarding bonus points2023-06-13T14:48:46+02:00

Each age group has a task called “Get bonus points “.
These bonus points are always scored, regardless of whether or which tasks a team solves.
Even if the robot does not leave the starting area, the bonus points are awarded.

Is it allowed that the robot loses parts on the field?2023-05-08T14:42:19+02:00

If there is a LEGO piece on the playing field that is no longer touching the robot, it is no longer counted as part of the robot.

The robot may loose any number of parts on the playing field during a round, except for the controller, sensors and motors.

What kind of “projection” scores for robot end situation?2023-03-16T07:56:13+01:00

In this years rules, it is enough if the projection of the robot is partly inside the finish area.

This could be with any part of the robot. Technically, a situation like with such an arm / beam that is connected to the robot would be enough.




INTERNATIONAL FINAL: Clarification regarding white lines for coral elements2023-11-07T17:42:01+01:00

The Q&A and the rules set different rules regarding the white lines. For the international final, white lines will be considered as part of the area. Objects count as completely in, when they touch the white lines.

Will the waste in front of the fence score points?2023-02-13T16:57:45+01:00

The question is if a waste object scored like in the photo would score full points.
The answer is: Yes. However, it is very unlikely to place the waste object as this place without moving the fence (which results in less bonus points). Therefore it does make sense to put the waste behind the fence.

IMG 20230210 100156 6

Does the white line belong to the reef area?2023-02-13T16:55:02+01:00

No, the white line does not belong to the reef area.
If a coral touches the white line, it is considered not completely inside.


INTERNATIONAL FINAL: Clarification regarding white lines for server objects2023-11-07T17:40:45+01:00

The Q&A and the rules set different rules regarding the white lines. For the international final, white lines will be considered as part of the area. Objects count as completely in, when they touch the white lines.

Is the server object completely in if the loop is not? (Updated 20th of June 2023)2023-06-20T11:11:45+02:00

Full points for a server object are awarded if it is completely inside the correct connection slot. Completely is defined by: ““Completely” means that the game object is only touching the corresponding area (not including the black lines).”
Addition: The rules explicitly say “black lines”, because in the past lines were mostly black. Nevertheless this applies to all lines around areas, that are relevant to score points.

If an object only touches the correct area and other parts of the object (in this case the loop) is in the air (and not touching anything), full points will be awarded. One example for such a situation can be seen in the following photo (where the loop is not touching the mat).

image 1

Are points awarded twice if a task object touches two connection slots?2023-03-24T12:59:41+01:00

No, points are only awarded once per game object and per connection slot.
If there are several game objects on one connection slot, points will only be awarded for one of them.
If a task object is on several connection slots at the same time, points are only awarded for one connection slot.
If two different scores could be given for a situation, the higher points will be awarded.

Scoring of Solar Panel – what counts?2023-03-16T07:51:59+01:00

The deciding factor to get points for the solar panel is the fact that the panel itself (the white plates) are up.
It is not important if the lever is pulled partly or completely.
In the following photos, full points for the situation in the middle and right photo are given.

Bildschirm­foto 2023 03 16 um 07.49.13


INTERNATIONAL FINAL: Clarification regarding stacking container2023-11-07T19:06:23+01:00

Points for containers will be awared, if they are stacked on each other. Each container can only touch the ship and / or other containers on the ship.

Does a ship have to touch the mat to score points for open sea?2023-08-01T08:31:04+02:00

Yes, points for the open sea are only scored, if the ship fully touches the mat. The ship cannot be placed upside down.

Do containers score points, if they touch the crane or the wall around the table?2023-05-26T16:04:41+02:00

No. Containers only score points, if they touch the ship only.

If the ship is turned on its side and containers are placed on top of it. Will it count?2023-01-26T07:01:21+01:00

No, turning the ship on its side would be seen as damaging game objects.


Correction of rule 7.3 *** UPDATED: 10th of October 2023 ***2023-10-10T15:36:45+02:00

A ball touching a robot is always counted towards the robot’s team. No matter which side of the game field the ball is.

Addition and Clarification to rule 6.22 (free parts)2023-09-15T16:25:24+02:00

If a robot loses parts on the own half of the game field, these parts are considered as free parts. Free parts will be removed from the field by the judges as soon as possible. If the robots of the causing team are disturbed by the free parts or the judges (during removal), this will be ignored – the match continues. Any balls that are delivered to the opposing team’s game field by the free part will be put back on the game field of the team that created the free part.

In addition:
If a robot loses parts on the opposite half of the game field, the match is stopped and the causing team loses.

Is it allowed to have / use multiple programms?2023-08-24T11:07:26+02:00

Yes, a team can use multiple programms to have different strategies.
It is not allowed to use different programms to enter data like the position of the balls.
Judges are allowed to check all programms.

Addition to rule 7.62023-08-08T11:40:36+02:00

Additionally to rule 7.6 a game also results in a tie, if each team wins one match and one match is a tie.

Clarification regarding controllers, motors and sensors (Rule 8.2)2023-06-21T11:33:27+02:00

Rule 8.2 names robotic plattforms, that can be used in RoboSports. This leaves room for interpretation which controllers, motors and sensors can be used.

To clarify we created a document, which lists the allowed and forbidden components.

Important: Make sure to check your controllers, motors and sensors before any competitions.

Clarification regarding the use of pneumatic systems2023-06-13T14:43:03+02:00

Teams can use LEGO pneumatic system in their robots.
The system can be filled with air before a game (before the robot is checked).
It is possible to refill the system between matches, if a LEGO pump is used and the pump is part of the robot.
The requirements for the robot have to be fulfilled.

How many cameras can be used per robot?2023-05-23T15:37:14+02:00

There is no limit for the number of cameras per robot.

Clarification of rule 6.19 – violation?2023-01-26T07:03:12+01:00

The table at the end of the game document indicates that rule 6.19 can end with a violation. That is correct.

Unfortunately the wording in rule 6.19 says “without any violations”, this has not been updated. So it can end as a violation as described in the table.

Future Innovators

Is it allowed to use water for projects at the International Final?2023-08-10T09:12:23+02:00

Yes, it is allowed to use water for projects at the International Final.

If you want to use larger amounts of water in your project, please contact the Panama organizers at

Future Engineers

Clarification regarding last and completed laps2023-11-01T23:17:53+01:00

The following document clarifies how the last lap works and when laps are considered completed:

Download PDF

Can a touch screen be used to start a program?2023-07-31T12:53:59+02:00

Yes, a touch screen can be used to start a program, if it is done with only one click on the screen.
The button on the screen has to behave similar to a physical push button.
The Judges are allowed to check the procedure to make sure it is not used for any other purpose.

Clarification of driving and steering motors2023-01-29T17:11:18+01:00

In line with the rules in chapter 11 of the Future Engineers general rules the following document explains and clarifies the understand of how many and in which way motors are allowed to be connected for driving and steering the robot:

Download PDF (29.01.2023)