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Questions & Answers

At this page we will publish frequently asked and important questions related to the WRO® 2020 games. The answers on this page should be seen as additions to the rules and will be used for the WRO International Final. Be aware that in your country local competitions may follow slightly different rules. Always use the rules provided by your National Organizer.

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How do robot parts left on the field count?2022-04-12T12:56:00+02:00
In this situation, the following rule is applied: The robot can leave on the field any parts of the robot that are not containing main units (controller, motors, sensors) if needed. As soon as the part is touching the field or its game element and does not touch the robot it is considered as a free LEGO element not being part of the robot.


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Which 1×6 black brick is used to build the laundry container?2022-04-20T08:10:40+02:00

The photos in our building instructions show the use of the “normal” 1×6 LEGO brick (without holes). But of course, the 1×6 LEGO brick with holes, that is included in the official WRO brick set (LEGO no. 3894) is used to build the laundry container.

What is defined as “inside” the laundry container?2022-03-21T11:35:38+01:00

A block is considered inside the laundry container if the block touches the field mat inside the laundry container. It can either lie flat or partly holded by the walls as in this picture:



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Future Innovators

International Final: can we use water or other liquids to present our project?2022-02-07T07:56:50+01:00

At the venue in Dortmund teams can use a maximum of one (1) liters of water/liquids for the presentation of their project.

Please be creative and find other options to present projects that are water-related.

You can show your project with more water on a video for example. And find an alternative for the presentation in your booth.

Future Engineers

Are double entries (cards) in figure 11 of the rules intentional arrangements or just mistakes?2022-04-20T07:49:20+02:00

Figure 11 in the rule document shows the position of traffic signs with a section. Cards 5 & 11 and 6 & 12 are the same. This is intentional and will be used this way for WRO International Tournaments.

Updated scoring table2022-02-17T14:31:33+01:00

Please note:
We have updated the scoring table in the Future Engineers General Rules.
The scoring in itself is the same, but it is now more clear which items are only relevant for the final rounds.

Please check the updated General Rules document.

Walls configuration for the International Final2022-02-03T17:58:19+01:00

Article 12.16 of the General Rules states that the walls at the international final will be printed on chloroplast.

This is not the case in 2022.
The walls in Germany will be made of a rigid material, most likely wood. They are made following the descriptions in articles 12.3 to 12.8.