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Questions & Answers

At this page we will publish frequently asked and important questions related to the WRO® 2020 games. The answers on this page should be seen as additions to the rules and will be used for the WRO International Final. Be aware that in your country local competitions may follow slightly different rules. Always use the rules provided by your National Organizer.


All age groups

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If the ship is turned on its side and containers are placed on top of it. Will it count?2023-01-26T07:01:21+01:00

No, turning the ship on its side would be seen as damaging game objects.


Clarification of rule 6.19 – violation?2023-01-26T07:03:12+01:00

The table at the end of the game document indicates that rule 6.19 can end with a violation. That is correct.

Unfortunately the wording in rule 6.19 says “without any violations”, this has not been updated. So it can end as a violation as described in the table.

Future Innovators

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Future Engineers

Clarification of driving and steering motors2023-01-29T17:11:18+01:00

In line with the rules in chapter 11 of the Future Engineers general rules the following document explains and clarifies the understand of how many and in which way motors are allowed to be connected for driving and steering the robot:

Download PDF (29.01.2023)