WRO® International Final

Our international final is hosted by a different country each year. Delegations from all over the world travel far to participate in the competition and make new friends from other countries.

With so many member countries, the international final is a big event. Over 400 teams join the competitions, and this means over 2,500 people visit the event. Countless local volunteers make sure that the international delegations have the time of their life. And many of our national organizers bring experienced volunteer judges to help make the competitions possible.

WRO® 2022 – International Final in Dortmund, Germany

17 – 19 November 2022

We will travel to the city of Dortmund in Germany for the WRO® 2022 International Final.

The event website will be launched on March 15th.

Note: The number of teams that a country can send to our international final depends on the number of teams in that country. You can see the qualification table for this season here.

Visit the event website
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WRO® Friendship Invitationals

The WRO® Friendship Invitationals are organized by different member countries each year. Friendship Invitationals are events where it is just as important to make new international friends and have fun as it is to compete in the WRO challenges. Invitationals are also meant to give more teams the opportunity to visit an international WRO event.

We had two successful first events in Philippines (2018) and Denmark (2019). We were planning to have three Invitationals in 2020, but unfortunately these events were cancelled because of the pandemic.

Because the Covid pandemic is ongoing, we have decided not to host any Friendship Invitationals in 2021. Together with some of our National Organizers we are working on plans for Invitationals in 2022. More information will follow soon!

Credits to our host countries

Our International Final is held in another country each year. And that means that it is one of our national organizers that takes on the responsibility to organize this amazing event. It is a good thing that they can usually expect a lot of support in their country. The events in Costa Rica (2017) and Hungary (2019) are a good example.


WRO 2019 – Hungary

WRO 2019 – Hungary In 2019, the WRO International Final took place in Győr, Hungary. The event was hosted by Edutus University, national organizer in Hungary with the support of the Hungarian Government and the Ministry of [...]


WRO 2017 – Costa Rica

WRO 2017 – Costa Rica In 2017, the WRO international final took place on the American continent for the first time as Costa Rica hosted WRO 2017. Preparations commenced in 2014 when Aprender Haciendo, national organizer [...]

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