WRO® International Final

Our international final is hosted by a different country each year. Delegations from all over the world travel far to participate in the competition and make new friends from other countries.

With so many member countries, the international final is a big event. Over 400 teams join the competitions, and this means over 2,500 people visit the event. Countless local volunteers make sure that the international delegations have the time of their life. And many of our national organizers bring experienced volunteer judges to help make the competitions possible.

WRO 2023 – International Final in Panama City, Panama

7 – 9 November 2023

We will travel to Panama City in Panama for the WRO 2023 International Final.

All information about the event can be found on the event website at www.wro2023.org

Note: The number of teams that a country can send to our international final depends on the number of teams in that country. You can see the qualification table for this season here.



The WRO Friendship Invitationals are organised by different member countries each year. Friendship Invitationals are events where it is just as important to make new international friends and have fun as it is to compete in the WRO challenges. Invitationals are also meant to give more teams the opportunity to visit an international WRO event.

WRO 2023 – Friendship Invitational in Odense, Denmark

21 – 24 September 2023

The Danish National Organizer is inviting us to the city of Odense for a Friendship Invitational.

At this Invitational there will be competitions in the RoboMission and Future Innovators categories plus a special WRO style competition for younger children.

The event website will be launched soon.

Note: Registration for this Friendship Invitational is done through the National Organizers. The number of teams that a country can send to this invitational depends on how many countries want to send teams.

Credits to our host countries

Our International Final is held in another country each year. And that means that it is one of our national organizers that takes on the responsibility to organize this amazing event. It is a good thing that they can usually expect a lot of support in their country. The 2022 event was organised by our WRO friends in Germany, our friends in Panama are working hard to organise the final in 2023, and our friends in Turkey are already preparing to host us in 2024.

2022 Germany

2023 Panama

2024 Turkey

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In 2012 a young team of students took over the responsibility of organizing WRO in Germany under the name of TECHNIK BEGEISTERT. In ten years they managed to make WRO the largest robotics tournament for the age group in the country. A big community of schools, coaches, partners and volunteers makes this possible. The German team wanted to use the International Final to give an extra boost to WRO in Germany. They have managed to get even more schools and partners involved and to bring WRO to more remote places in the country. You can read more about the successful WRO 2022 International Final they organized here.

FUNDESTEAM, the Panama WRO organizers realized that they were not reaching the most vulnerable public schools with their WRO activities. In 2017 they started a special approach to reach these schools. Their work was spotted by the First Lady of Panama (Goodwill Ambassador of STEAM for the Americas). The government was committed to support the mission because they aim to improve the country’s education system based on the STEAM model with Robotics as an integral part. With help of the government the spin-off of hosting the International Final will be a large-scale STEAM and Robotics training program for thousands of teachers in the country. On top of that the Panama organizers will be able to help new WRO countries in the Americas start their activities.

‘Science Unites’ is the motto that our Turkish WRO organiser has been working with since 2004. Their name Bilim Kahramanları Derneği says it all, it translates to Science Heroes Association. This focus on science has also been a national priority since the foundation of the country. Science is the compass to overcome all challenges, to create the best environment for all lives and to become the main pillar for the education of all children and youth. Hosting the International Final is a good opportunity for Science Heroes to raise more awareness to the efforts of promoting science throughout the society. The goal is to use this awareness to double the number of WRO teams in the country. The large community of WRO volunteers in Turkey is thrilled to be hosting WRO in 2024.

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