Question about games & rules?

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On this website we publish the international version of our Games & Rules. These are the rules that will be used for our international events.
If you are participating in the competition in your country, please use the games and rules documents provided by your National Organizer. They can make small adjustments to the rules for the competition in their country. You should also contact them when you have questions about the game rules.
For the WRO® International Final, you can take a look at our Questions & Answers.

Looking for WRO®
in your country?

WRO® events are organized in many countries all over the world. Have a look at the map to see if WRO is offered in your country and contact your local National Organizer directly.

Complaints about a WRO® event?
Here’s what to do

We understand that things can go wrong in WRO related events. And because we have events all over the world, we understand that it can be difficult to figure out who you need to turn to. If you have a complaint related to WRO, please check this document first.

Contact WRO® Association

If you have questions or remarks about WRO internationally you can contact us at WRO Association. Please use the contact form below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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