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You can help to enable young people to realise their potential

Are you looking to support STEM education, growing the skills pipeline, international development and young people? Are you an educational technology company looking to inspire youth and promote your products? Then WRO® is a great match!

World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO®) is a truly global robotics competition and STEM skills development initiative. Since 2004 we have helped almost one million children around the world, many of which are from low or lower-middle income countries, to grow their science, technology and engineering talent and inspire them toward careers in the tech sector. Today we have around 100,000* young people, supported by tens of thousands of volunteers, across more than 90 countries participating each year.

*2019 pre-pandemic figure

Why we need your help

WRO is an independent, non-profit largely funded through donations, so partnerships with organisations with shared values is vital. As a WRO partner you can help to foster the innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

When building a partnership we like to make it a collaborative effort. There are opportunities for you to provide in-kind support; give expertise to guide the programmes; and, source volunteers to help at events or with individual teams. In return we help you fulfil your community and promotional objectives; we can inspire your staff and stakeholders; and, you are recognised as a visionary brand and a potential employer across the WRO family.

Do you want to help us transform the lives of young people around the world? Get in touch!

What we do with your help

We are a lean, high-value organisation where all revenues go straight to maintaining and growing our core programmes through sponsorship or to running projects that increase our reach and accessibility, enhance our programmes and empower our participants, delivery partners and volunteers.

Your contribution to our projects

Projects are development initiatives that require resources above and beyond those required for our core programmes. Our current project portfolio includes:

WRO’s new training and skills development resource that bridges the gap between education and employment, brings STEM opportunities where there are none and helps teams get better competition results.
WRO LEARN uses whole class, hands-on activities to teach valuable knowledge and develop life skills. These activities also help with competition preparation which will lead to more teams taking part in WRO competitions, particularly the Future categories.

It will provide:

Skills development training for young people

  • STEM knowledge
  • Practical experience
  • 21st Century skills
  • Virtual prototyping and testing tools
  • Challenges & learning

Careers information from companies

  • Free, global offer but scope to localise
  • Edu-tech product info, tutorials & guidance
  • A training and information resource for volunteers

Contextualised learning resources for educators…

  • STEM curriculum-linked learning materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Badging and certification

Establishing high quality global mechanisms for recruiting and supporting volunteers and strengthening WRO’s alumni community.
WRO relies on volunteers, but requirements, training, support and guidance vary from country to country. WRO has engaged with many thousands of young people since 2004. These alumni can be further supported, champion WRO and add to the volunteer community.

We are going to:

Build global volunteer management systems

  • training tools
  • guidance on activity delivery
  • safeguarding requirements
  • records management
  • communications tools
  • strengthening links with supporting companies

Build alumni management systems

  • records management
  • communications tools
  • skills and career support
  • opportunities and tools to champion WRO

Integrate the alumni and volunteers

  • encouraging alumni to become volunteers

Creating starter programmes to excite, equip and guide young learners and new starters to get into, and get results from WRO.
Joining WRO competitions for the first time can be challenging and daunting, especially for the young. WRO want to offer different in-school or extra-curricular activities that National Organizers can choose, from a range of education technology providers.

It will:

Introduce WRO to children aged 6-10

  • fun
  • inspiring
  • basic skills development
  • competitive
  • quick results
  • inexpensive

Offer easy entry for new starters

  • fun
  • inspiring
  • understanding the technology
  • understanding the competition challenges
  • competitive

Offer a range of technology solutions

  • different activities to choose from to suit interest and circumstances
  • allows for the availability of equipment according to country

Financial support for low and lower-middle income countries.
There are currently many challenges facing the young people and the National Organizers who are trying to participate in World Robot Olympiad (WRO) including recovery from the pandemic. WRO want to establish a grants programme to which National Organizers can apply for financial support.

The grant will:

Help with travel

  • enabling teams to take part in the International Final and Friendship Invitationals

Help with resources

  • providing hardware or competition equipment in countries where cost is prohibitive

Help with hosting

  • enabling National Organizers to host regional or international events that otherwise would be beyond them, taking WRO to countries that have never hosted before

Driving establishment and growth of WRO in African countries.
Despite WRO having achieved impact and success in some African countries, most countries do not have a National Organizer or have teams taking part. This is especially prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. WRO and African National Organizers want to establish the programmes in those countries where WRO is not present, ideally in collaboration with other NGOs.

The Growth in Africa project will:

Establish National Organizers

  • find and support trustworthy NGOs to be National Organizers
  • find volunteers and teams
  • provide buddying, training, and support to initiate WRO programmes

Provide equipment and support

  • provision of robotics equipment and coding devices where necessary
  • access to training and skills development resources for students and educators

Target: hosting an international event in Africa before 2030

  • Supporting an African nation to successfully deliver at least one Friendship Invitational or International Final this decade

Optimising our international community through better support, coordination, and collaboration.
WRO has grown rapidly – from 50 countries in 2016 to more than 90 in 2022. The resources within the Association have not grown relatively and so the support for each country is currently less than we’d like. WRO National Organizers are creative and often explore new concepts that are worth sharing. WRO wish to have more staff working to support our international community; and, to build stronger links and collaboration between countries.

We will:

Tier the countries

  • Undertake a programme of interviews and surveys to better understand each country
  • Create a tiered support programme aimed at growing numbers, diversity and impact in each country

Build connections

  • establishing buddying and support networks between countries in a region and across the world
  • having annual National Organizer meetings, one for each global region for coordination, planning and community building

Provide guidance and best practice

  • having a library of resources and training sourced from and shared across the community

Your sponsorship

We need sponsors either at a global level to maintain and grow our worldwide effort; or, at a regional level, where we work with our in-country delivery partners (National Organizers) to initiate, embed and grow WRO programmes in a particular country or a region. Whether global or regional, your support is used to:

  • engage more participants
  • keep participation costs low
  • enhance the effectiveness of our programmes
  • ensure our long-term viability

How to channel your support

Support for WRO can be given through either our umbrella Association or our charitable Foundation.