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Are you looking to support STEM education and have your contribution reach as many young people as possible? Then WRO® is a great match!
World Robot Olympiad™ is probably the most global robotics competition out there: Since 2004 we have helped more than 650,000 children and young people around the world to become coders and robot builders.

As a WRO partner you help foster the inventors and engineers of tomorrow. And there is the added benefit of being recognized as a visionary brand by our community in 85+ countries.

There are many ways to support us: You can become a partner or sponsor a competition category. You can provide seed money to develop new concepts for increasing STEM outreach in a region or worldwide. Your support can also be focused on economically disadvantaged areas in a specific country.

Contact us to talk about which solution fits your CSR strategy, and how we can help you make a mark in the world.

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