In 2023, teams from more than 90 countries will participate in local and national events and seek to qualify for the WRO International Final that takes place 7-9 November in Panama City, Panama!

The theme for the games this year is “Connecting the World”. Teams will be challenged with building robots that help connect people and places in a sustainable way.

“Ever since the Panama Canal was completed, Panama has been central for global maritime logistics. The canal connects the Pacific with the Atlantic – but Panama also connects North America with South America. And in recent years Panama has also become a hub for internet data. So, it is logical for us to select a theme that focuses on connecting people”, says Marvin Castillo, Executive President of Fundesteam, national organizer of WRO in Panama and organizer of WRO 2023.

It is the second time the WRO International Final takes place in the Americas. The last country in the Americas to host was Costa Rica in 2017.

“We are excited to be back in Central America with the WRO International Final. WRO is a worldwide competition and we want to see more countries and teams north and south of Panama joining WRO. Together with Fundesteam our goal is to see teams from all countries in the Americas participate in WRO 2023”, says Claus Ditlev Christensen, World Robot Olympiad’s Secretary General.

You can find the official WRO 2023 games and rules here.