WRO 2019 – Hungary

In 2019, the WRO International Final took place in Győr, Hungary.

The event was hosted by Edutus University, national organizer in Hungary with the support of the Hungarian Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Ministry of Human Capacities. Several other organizations supported the event, such as Széchenyi István University in Győr, the city of Győr, Porsche Hungaria, Digital Success Program Nonprofit Ltd., John von Neumann Computer Society, NI Hungary Ltd., Nemak Győr Ltd. and Bridgestone Ltd.

STEM subjects play an important role in Hungarian education and the Hungarian Government has set the goal in the Digital Education Strategy that all students shall have the opportunity to learn about the technology of the future such as informatics, robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence or 3D printing.

WRO competitions have been included in the state-sponsored competitions in Hungary since 2017, which means that the participating school teams are financially supported by the Hungarian Government. In connection with this, many schools from Hungary visited WRO 2019 to experience how the best teams in the world compete. Organizing WRO 2019 is seen as an opportunity to inspire more children to take an interest in robotics and programming.

424 teams from 73 countries participated in WRO 2019 in Hungary and a total of more than 12,000 people attended the event. Since 2019, 11 countries in Central Europe have joined WRO.