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Welcome to WRO 2020

CLIMATE SQUAD is the exciting theme for the WRO 2020 season.

At this page you can find the Games & Rules for WRO 2020. These rules are the official rules that will be used for the WRO International Final in Canada. For each category there is a "Rule Document" and for each Challenge there are seasonal Game Descriptions.

Please be aware that there might be clarificiations and answers to questions about the rules on our Questions & Answers page. The answers given there are an official clarification of the rules.

If you are a participant, please contact the National Organizer in your country for the game rules. They will probably have a translated version and some countries use a slightly different version of the games in their national competition.

Download the complete package of rules here

Rules for Regular Category

Rules for Open Category

Rules for WRO Football

Rules for Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC)

Please note: It is the last season of our ARC category.