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Questions & Answers to Games & Rules

At this page we will publish frequently asked and important questions related to the WRO 2018 games. The answers on this page can be seen as additions to the rules and will be used as base for the WRO International Final. 

Please be aware that in your country local competitions may follow slightly different rules, contact your National Organizer for more information.

Q&A WeDo Regular

No, all rules that are important for WeDo are included in the WeDo Game Document. If information is not included in the document, it can be decided by the National Organizer. We want to keep this competition flexible and easy to adapt for all National Organizers. For example, the National Organizer can decide if the robot should be preassembled or not.

Q&A Regular Category Junior

Any plants can be placed into the green area. Please see the scoring table for different options to score points in all areas.

The orientation of the walls is explained the Regular Category Junior Game Document, page 4: "The walls have to be placed in front of the farm to protect the fields of the three farms." The walls are not symmetrical, so there is only one option to position them.

The numbering is explained on page 5 / 6. In addition, please see this graphic for clarification.

The rules say that the green line is not included at the start, but is included at the finish. This is a bit confusing.

We have decided that the the green line is not included at both start and finish.

Q&A Regular Category Senior

At the beginning of each round the 3 temperature controllers will be placed in the Factory Area. (Only 3 are placed because in each round 1 color is not used.) They are placed in the little area with the same color (e.g. red temperature controller on the red place).

The food containers should be placed with the 2 open slots facing the start area.

The temperature controllers are placed with the loophole facing the long sides of the playfield.

To clarify one possible setup, please take a look at this graphic.