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Premium Partners

Supporting Airlines

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with airlines who will support WRO by donating plane tickets. Their generous offers help teams keep expenses down when participating in international events.

WRO teams originate all over the world. That is why we will gladly engage in a dialogue with airline companies from different parts of the world on how their support can get maximum effect for young people.
If you are interested in contributing to an unforgettable and life changing experience at an international WRO event for the young people in our teams, please contact us at info(at)

Avianca Airlines

We want to thank Avianca, our first supporting airline from Latin America, for donating 50 tickets for the 2019 final in Hungary.

Avianca is committed to being agents of change for the societies they serve. Their 'Avianca Citizen' program aims to contribute to developing better citizens in Latin America by generating economic, social and environmental value. The human being is the center of everything they do. As Avianca puts it: 
"Our customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the media, governments, authorities, public, private and civil organizations are stakeholders for whom the conduct we reflect must be that of an excellent citizen."