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'This can't be taught at university'

A new documentary, premiering during the World Robot Olympiad in Hungary in November, reveals why…

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Disabled kids get a shot at higher education

Hearing impaired children have participated in WRO tournaments in Egypt for nine years. This year a…

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The lesser-known WRO contest

Right after the international final a lesser-known WRO contest takes place: The host country two…

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Methane-sniffing robots

Can robots help farmers detect rot before it destroys all the crops? The Egypt Future Innovators…

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From food waste to rooftop gardens

With the new WRO® Future Innvovators program young entrepreneurs from around the world get to…

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How watching kids play with LEGO turned into a crash course in creative leadership

When Juniper CMO Mike Marcellin was asked to judge the World Robot Olympiad finals in Thailand in…

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Using code to save bees

Imagine you're a bee. You're infected with the dangerous Varroa mite, but you have no idea. You fly…

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PeanutBotz to the rescue

A lot of creativity and thought goes into projects presented at the WRO® International Final. That…

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