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Methane-sniffing robots

Can robots help farmers detect rot before it destroys all the crops? The Egypt Future Innovators team at the WRO® International Final in 2018 came up with a potential solution.

Saving the crops

From food waste to rooftop gardens

With the new WRO® Future Innvovators program young entrepreneurs from around the world get to present their robotics project as a business proposal. The 2018 winners, the Unifesh team from Vietnam, made sure their food waste fueled rooftop gardens were viable by interviewing real people and potential customers. 

Valuable waste

How watching kids play with LEGO turned into a crash course in creative leadership

When Juniper CMO Mike Marcellin was asked to judge the World Robot Olympiad finals in Thailand in 2018, he was expecting a nice break from his day job that might lead to inspiration. What he hadn't expected was to be blown away by the skill and thoughtfulness that went into each design and approach.

Read his article, which was published in Fast Company.

Crash course in leadership

Using code to save bees

Imagine you're a bee. You're infected with the dangerous Varroa mite, but you have no idea. You fly home, where you will infect and eventually kill all of your friends. But the hive looks different. There is a tunnel leading to the entrance. And if you knew what a micro camera is, you would see one on the wall just before the tunnel splits in two. 

Read the story about the Italian Future Innovators team, who wants to protect bees against varroa mites.

Save the bees

PeanutBotz to the rescue

A lot of creativity and thought goes into projects presented at the WRO® International Final. That is also true of a team from Malaysia, who made a robot factory to help hunger victims – by automated production of peanut butter. 

Survival food