Teaching robotics to kids with no previous experience

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At World Robot Olympiad we know it's hard to reach children who have had no previous experience with robotics – and children who come from low-income communities. That’s why we have created WRO Virtual Robotics Simulation (VRS) with our partner OnPurpose Solutions. It's a low cost solution that enables kids to learn coding and test themselves with virtual challenges.

A Virtual Pilot

VRS is a virtual version of the WRO Regular category, where students must design, construct and program their robots to solve specific challenges on a field. 100 kids from 18 countries got to test virtual challenges at a VRS competition pilot. It has just been completed – and it went really well. Three out of four young participants told us, that the experience was fun, and 68% thought that Virtual Robotics Simulation is a good way to improve their skills, when they don't have access to a physical robot.

Claus Christensen, Secretary General, WRO Association, says:

“We are always looking to develop new concepts to stay relevant and increase our reach. VRS and the results from the pilot shows great promise in fulfilling those goals, so we're excited to see how the rollout goes in the beginning of 2020."

We won’t keep you in the dark as to who won the virtual competition: the three top scoring teams were:

1st – Team Robotum, Turkey

2nd – Team Robistim, Turkey 

3rd – Team Paseo, Mexico