Empowering Young Innovators Worldwide


As a Global Innovation Partner of WRO, Aramco recognizes the importance of investing in the future and nurturing the next generation of innovators. Through this partnership, Aramco’s expertise and resources aim to help drive innovation within WRO by enriching our programs and competitions.

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In collaboration with Aramco, we are excited to take WRO competitions to new heights, making them more accessible and engaging for children worldwide. We are focusing on three key initiatives to better support National Organizers in making WRO more successful in our all our 100+ WRO countries.


FI 2022

Grow Future Innovators

At every International Final, we can feel the excitement when our WRO teams present their robotic solutions for problems connected to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our teams tinker, innovate and present and we want that more teams can have a valuable experience in our Future Innovators category.

Our plan involves providing materials, guidance, and best practices to countries, ensuring more teams can take part. Collaborating with the global community, we’re also enhancing the judging panel with experts from innovation and entrepreneurship.

Boost Rookie Activities

We know that starting with the official WRO competition categories can be challenging for very young students or first timers. At the same time, many of our National Organizers have established different activities for this target group by combining first robotic experience with a fun and hands-on learning approach.

With our Rookie initiative, we will bundle, co-create and curate concepts our countries can use to attract new participants in an easy and fun way. This initiative involves collaborating with National Organizers to tailor concepts to local needs, making it easier for new participants to get involved.

Learning Environment

Establish a WRO Learning environment

Our WRO competitions are not just events; they are opportunities to learning and personal development. To complement these experiences, we are launching this initiative to create an online WRO learning ecosystem.

Over the next few years, this platform will offer learning content for Future Innovators and Rookie initiatives, as well as additional robotics content for students worldwide. We’re partnering with technology and education experts to develop content that equips WRO students with valuable knowledge and skills.


If you want to know more about our projects and feel that your organization can contribute please get in contact with us.

We have several other projects in our portfolio as well.

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