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A truly global competition

dedicated to science, technology and education

At World Robot Olympiad it is our mission to give young people all the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way.
We do this by organizing robotics competitions. Each season we have a new theme and we have challenges that are tailored to the age of the participants. 
WRO tournaments are organized in over 85 countries worldwide and each season new countries join the movement.

World Robot Olympiad Association is a non-profit organization. All revenue from sponsorships and fees is invested in support of our mission, which is to promote robotics in STEM education worldwide.

On this website you will find a lot of general information about our competition.
For the WRO competition in your country please refer to the page with our member countries.

Member Countries

The WRO Competitions

4 categories with different age groups

Teams can participate in four different categories with different age groups. This allows the participants to develop their robotic skills from a very young age up to the end of their high school years. Participating teams need to design, build and program a robot model that is capable to perform a challenge, play soccer, drive autonomously or demonstrate a solution for a real-life problem.

Take a look at our four competition categories and get started!

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