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Become a WRO National Organizer

At World Robot Olympiad, our basic philosophy is to welcome all countries interested in joining our global community. New national organizers get a trial membership that can be converted into a full membership after a successful year.

What we ask of a potential national organizer is that they

  • are (linked to) a known and reputable institution in the country.
  • are ready to fund and organize the national WRO tournament.
  • guarantee a minimum of 20 teams in year one to be approved.
  • have growth ambitions and budget to finance growth.
  • have experience with robots in education and/or organizing of competitions/events with children and young people.
  • can ensure easy access to robot materials and service parts for teams.
  • accept timely payment of the WRO membership fee when full membership is established.

The WRO program can be easily adapted to the situation in your country. 
If you are interested in becoming a national organizer and joining our global community please contact us at info(at)

We would love to tell you more about the opportunities and requirements!