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Guiding Principles for WRO Judges

We have a set of guidelines that are important for our (international) WRO judges.

Our judges at the International World Robot Olympiad Final you play a very important role. They have volunteered to do this incredibly important, time consuming, and often difficult job, but without you and other good judges, the competition would not be what is it today.

We would like our judges to first of all help create a wonderful experience for all the children, one that they will never forget. That is why we ask them to keep the children in mind. This is a competition for children and all the participants at an international event have worked hard all year to make it to this event.

We urge our judges to treat all the children with respect and treat their endeavors, attempts and work with the same respect. They have a responsibility to make sure that other judges do as well.

We expect our judges to do the following:

  • know the rules and the scoring system for the category and age-group they judge
  • promote fair play and appropriate behavior by all participants
  • match the skill levels and needs of the participants in the age-group they judge
  • not to comment on or criticize other judges in public
  • remember that this is a competition for children - always give them the benefit of the doubt
  • always be on time - for meetings, judging or appointments
  • be appropriately dressed - in the judging uniform (no clothing that links them to a country/team)
  • be consistent and objective, and not to prejudice towards teams from their country
  • accept decisions made by Head Judges or Tournament Directors
  • not to share any information about the judging process or scores to anyone who is not a judge
  • recluse themselves from judging a team from their country - if and where possible
  • supply feedback to the WRO Association if they feel the need for changes to be made
  • know the conflict resolution process and how to deal with appeals

“Although Officiating/Judging involves technical knowledge, there is

definitely an Art to being an effective Judge/Official/Referee”


Download Guiding Principles for Judges