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In addition to the seasonal game rules for our different challenges we have a set of "General Rules" for each WRO Category. These tell you everything you need to know about participating in a WRO competition. The General Rules for each Category state what is permitted and what is not permitted in the WRO competition, they can be updated for a new season. If you participate in the competition you should read the latest version of the General Rules to avoid problems. 

You can download the General Rules from our website.

We expect all teams and coaches participating in the competition to respect the WRO Ethics Code.

Team & Coaches definitions

Team definition

  • Competitions in WRO are team based. A team consists of two (2) or three (3) team members.
  • Each team is assisted by a coach.
  • One (1) coach and one (1) team member is not considered to be a team and cannot participate.

Coach definition

  • The minimum age of a coach at an international WRO final is age 18.
  • Coaches may work with more than one team.
  • Coaches may offer students advice and guidance prior to the competition; however, this does not mean that coaches can do the work for the students.
  • During competitions, including the international WRO final, all work and preparation must be performed by the students themselves.

Age Group Definitions

Compete with peers

In WRO we have the ambition of being relevant to students of different ages. That is why we offer competitions on platforms that provide fun and challenging experiences.

It is also why we have devided two of our categories into multiple age groups. In the Regular Category, each age group has a different mission. In the Open Category, the challenge is the same for all participants (except for WeDo), but they are judged within their age group.

Please note:

The mentioned ages reflect the age of the participant in the year of the competition, not at the competition day. For participation in the international WRO final it is strictly enforced that students cannot, at any time in the year of the competition, be older than specified in the age group definitions. Example: A participant that is still 12 years old at the time of the international WRO final in November, but turns 13 years old in December the same year cannot participate in Elementary Category.

For more details about the age groups please turn to the National Organizer in your country.

Age groups Regular & Open Category

WeDo Participants maximum 10 years old in the year of competition.
Elementary Participants maximum 12 years old in the year of competition.
Junior Participants 13 – 15 years old in the year of competition.
Senior Participants 16 – 19 years old in the year of competition.

Age group WRO Football

Participants 10 - 19 years old in the year of competition.

Age group Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC)

High School or Undergraduate students 17 - 25 years old in the year of competition.

Explanation Age Groups for 2019 season

Age Groups Age max age in
competition year
2019 season -
born in years
WeDo max. 10 years old 10 2009 or later
Elementary max. 12 years old 12 2007 or later
Junior 13 - 15 years old 15 2004 - 2006
Senior 16 - 19 years old 19 2000 - 2003
WRO Football 10 - 19 years old 19 2000 - 2009
ARC 17 - 25 years old 25 1994 - 2002

Table of Eligibility (TOE) WRO 2019

Qualification for the international final

Only teams that participated in a national competition in one of our member countries can qualify for the international final. The WRO Table of Eligibility (TOE) defines how many teams a WRO National Organizer can register for the international final.

  • The number of teams a National Organizer may send to the international final depends on the number of teams in the national competition.
  • Each competition category has its own TOE. For Regular Category we have 3 tables for 3 age groups.
  • A country has to have minimum 5 teams in a competition category to register teams for the international WRO final for that category.
  • A team may participate in only one competition; Regular Category, Open Category, WRO Football or Advanced Robotics Challenge.
  • Any student may participate in one team only.
  • The numbers in the tables are maximum per age group and category and cannot be transferred from one age group or category to another. National Organizers may register fewer teams than allowed, but never more.
  • The WeDo age group is not offered at the International Final, and does not add to the number of teams for the TOE.

For Regular Category, you find 3 tables, one for each age group. This reflects the growth in the different age groups. An example:

  • 141 Regular Category Elementary teams in a country => allowed to send max. 2 Elementary teams for International Final
  • 77 Regular Category Junior teams in a country => allowed to send max. 1 Junior teams for International Final
  • 222 Regular Category Senior teams in a country => allowed to send max. 3 Senior teams for International Final

New in 2019: Due to more countries that join WRO every year we needed to lower the numbers of teams each country can bring to WRO International Final in Regular and Open Category.

Qualification Regular Category Elementary

Teams at national level Entries    
5-99 1    
100-199 2    
200+ 3    

Qualification Regular Category Junior

Teams at national level Entries    
5-99 1    
100-199 2    
200+ 3    

Qualification Regular Category Senior

Teams at national level Entries    
5-99 1    
100-199 2    
200+ 3    

Qualification Open Category

Teams at national level Entries    
5-39 1    
40-99 2    
100+ 3    

Qualification Football Category

Teams at national level Entries    
5-39 1    
40-149 2    
150+ 3    

Qualification ARC

Teams at national level Entries    
5-19 1    
20-39 2    
40+ 3