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Pilot projects

From time to time we run different projects to develop our program. These projects can involve changes in existing competition formats or even new competition formats.

Open Category - Future Innovators

Over the years, WRO Open Category teams have created many innovative projects with the potential of becoming successful business ideas. We would like to strengthen this development with a new program called WRO Future Innovators.

Future Innovators

WeDo Pilot

In WRO we have an ambition of being relevant to students of different ages and consequently offer competitions on platforms that provide a fun and challenging experience. In 2017 we will test three concepts (Regular, Open and Football concept) with LEGO WeDo 2.0.


WRO Collaboration App Hoopur

For WRO™ 2017 in Costa Rica we would like to strengthen our worldwide community.

With the Hoopur community app, we would like to get in contact with participants, coaches, judges and national organizers before and during the event in Costa Rica. We will share useful information about the event.  An addition to that, you can contact people from all over the world to share your stories and ideas.

Collaboration App