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WRO Categories

At WRO we offer challenging competitions for everyone in the age from 6 – 25. We have four competition categories, with their own characteristics and challenges:

  • Regular Category
  • Open Category
  • WRO Football
  • Advanced Robotics Challenge

Each season the challenges and theme for the Regular and Open Category are developed with the country that hosts the International Final. The WRO Football rules and the Advanced Robotics Challenge game are designed together with experts in our community.

For all specific rules and regulations refer to our General Rules!

Overview of all WRO Categories

  Regular Open Football Advanced
Age Elementary: < 12
Junior: 13-15
Senior: 16-19
Elementary: < 12
Junior: 13-15
Senior: 16-19
10-19 17-25
Hardware Only LEGO® + HiTechnic Color Sensor LEGO® controlled + no restriction for other materials Only LEGO® + HiTechnic equipment for ball and sensors Only MATRIX and TETRIX® + only NI myRIO or KNR (myRIO based) controllers (in 2017 also EV3) + any brand motors, sensors and batteries
Software Elementary and Junior: only RoboLab, NXT or EV3 Senior: free choice Free choice Only RoboLab, NXT or EV3 software NI LabVIEW or any text-based language (like C, C++, Java etc.)
Maximum size Max. 25 x 25 x 25 cm Booth of 2 x 2 x 2 meters Two robots, max. 22cm diameter, max. 22cm high and <= 1kg each Max. 45 x 45 x 45 cm
Characteristics Surprise Rule and assembly of the robot on competition day It is so open that you can enjoy your creativity! Assembly of the robot on the competition day Basix game is football, small modifications in rules each year. Same challenge for two years.
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