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WRO's self-driving vehicle challenge

Pilot competition in 2020

Autonomous driving is a mega trend of our time. Big companies, start-ups, investors and city planners see a high potential in self-driving vehicles, cars, busses, trucks or trains.

At WRO, all robots already drive autonomously on a Regular or Football Field. But driving autonomously in all situations in our daily life is still a challenge. Researchers usually talk about the six levels of autonomation, from no automation to full automation. With this new challenge format, we want to bring the current research challenge into schools and teach students an engineering workflow by solving real-world-challenges.

Timeline of this pilot

Early April 2020 we have announced our Game Rules for this new competition categories, knowing that many of our countries have special local circumstances due to the COVID-19 situation world-wide. However, we would like to publish these Game Rules to get feedback from countries throughout the year. Perhaps it is possible for some countries to do a little pilot competition or to just test this new game with a selected amount of teams or schools. We plan to collect feedback from our community in 2020 and to improve the game concept for next year.

Games & Rules

Here you can download the game & rule document and the printing fiel of the mat used for this game:

Updates on this games & rules may be published here later this year.