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WRO International Final

We take you around the world

The most succesful teams in the national competitions of our member countries have the unique chance to visit our WRO international final in November. The international final is hosted by a different country each year. Delegations from all over the world travel far to engage in a friendly competition and make new friends from other countries.

With so many member countries, the international final is a big event. Over 400 teams join the competitions and this means over 2,500 people visit the event. Countless local volunteers make sure that the international delegations have the time of their life. 

For our national organizers the international final is a time to meet eachother and share experiences and ideas for the future. Over 24 national organizers even bring experienced volunteer judges to help out during the competition.

At WRO we highly value the support that national and local governments are giving to our host countries. It is encouraging to see so many governments are striving to encourage schools and young people to be involved in STEM subjects.

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