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WRO Future Engineers

WRO's self-driving vehicle challenge

With WRO Future Engineers we created an exciting challenge for high school students following the mega trend of autonomous driving. At WRO, all robots already drive autonomously on a Regular Category field. But driving autonomously in all situations in our daily life is still a challenge. Researchers usually talk about the six levels of autonomation, from no automation to full automation. With the new format, we want to bring the current research challenge into schools and teach students an engineering workflow by solving real-world-problems.

WRO Future Engineers characteristics:

  • One age group: 14-19 years old.
  • Robot: Maximum dimensions of 300 x 200mm and 300mm in height. The robot must be a 4 wheeled vehicle with one driving motor and one steering actuator of any type.
  • Hardware: Open Source, you can use any robot / controller / materials that are in line with the regulations you find in the rules.
  • Software: Free choice, any software and any firmware that works with your hardware is allowed.
  • Competition: The vehicle should drive multiple laps on the field, crossing all sections correctly while identifying the objects on the field.
  • Documentation: Teams should publish their work on a GitHub repository explaining their (software) engineering process.
  • Team: A team consists of 2 or 3 team members and is guided by a coach.

For this category, the overall game setup will stay the same in the next three WRO seasons (2021-2023). From year to year, we may change / extend the tasks on the field to keep the excitement. For all specific rules and regulations refer to the General Rules for this category!

Get to know more

For teams that are interested in participating in this category we have created the Getting Starting guide explaining more about the vehicle requirements, possible technical solution and errors. Here students can start to get an idea of how to setup a robot for this competition

Take a look at the Getting Started guide here!