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Board of Directors

All financial and strategic decisions for WRO are made by our Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors members are:

  • Mr. Lars Vahl (Chairman)
  • Ms. Leefin Cham (Finance Manager)
  • Mr. Claus Ditlev Christensen (Secretary General)
  • Mr. Eugene Zhang
  • Mr. Johnson Jan
  • Mr. Yasuhide Kobayashi
  • Mr. Clarence Sirisena


Advisory Council

The WRO Advisory Council (AC) includes a variety of people from academic and corporate backgrounds. The council members bring us important strategic knowledge that helps us keep up with a constantly changing world.

Chairman of the Advisory Council is Mr. KingHui Law from Malaysia.

Other AC members are:

  • Mr. Eugene Zhang, China
  • Dr. Feng-Kuang Chiang, China
  • Mr. Johnson Jan, Chinese Taipei
  • Dr. Kai-Tai Song, Chinese Taipei
  • Mr. Yasuhide Kobayashi, Japan
  • Dr. Norikana Kanai, Japan
  • Mr. Clarence Sirisena, Singapore
  • Dr. Marcelo Ang, Singapore
  • Mr. Lars Vahl, Denmark
  • Mr. Ole Caprani, Denmark
  • Dr. Najla Mohammed, UAE
  • Mr. Kerry Bailey, UAE
  • Mr. Brent Hutcheson, South Africa
  • Mr. Dominic Bruneau, Canada


Games & Rules Review Panel

Our Games & Rules Review Panel works together with the people that design our challenges. The panel helps to make sure that the rules are clearly set out, easy to follow and are appropriate to each age group.

The panel is led by our AC member Mr. Ole Caprani from Denmark, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. Ole has been focusing on research and projects relating to robotics for many years. He runs a "LEGO Lab" at Aarhus University that exposes students to the concepts of programming, engineering and design. Also in the panel is Mr. Alexander Kolotov from Innopolis University (IU) in Russia. Alexander is a methodologist of STEM programs at IU and has a lot of experience as a judge in our international finals.

Judging Panel

The main responsibility of the Judging Panel is to ensure that all judges at the international final are qualified and updated on the judging principles used for WRO. This way we ensure judging at the international final is fair and transparent.

Heading the judging panel is our AC member Mr. Brent Hutcheson, owner of Hands on Technology, a leading provider of educational robotics in South Africa. As national organizer in South Africa, parallel to the WRO competition, Brent has been instrumental in bringing robotics to the townships of the country - and that with great success.


Our dedicated WRO staff manages the operation of our diverse and exciting organization. No task is too small or too important for them and they do their best to ensure that WRO is constantly improving and extending its reach in the world.

Amongst other things they are working on the following topics:

Our Secretary General Mr. Claus Ditlev Christensen

  • is responsible for fundraising and partnerships.
  • finds new countries to host the WRO International Final.
  • works with our Board and Advisory Council on their agendas.

Our Program Manager Ms. Karen Bebelaar

  • is the first contact for our national organizers.
  • coordinates the WRO international final with the host country.
  • handles our use of media.

Our Program Consultant Mr. Markus Fleige 

  • is responsible for managing our IT systems.
  • coordinates the development of games & rules.
  • supports countries with expert insights.

National Organizers

Beneath the international organization of WRO Association are our National Organizers. They take on the responsibility for organizing local and regional competitions as well as the national finals. They are also responsible for travelling to the international final with the winning teams.

Without our National Organizers, there simply would not be a World Robot Olympiad.

Information on all our National Organizers can be found at the Countries page.