This year WRO welcome organizers and teams from 9 new countries in Central Europe to the 2022 WRO International Final. An effort that has been initiated and supported by Edutus University, WRO national organizer in Hungary.

In 2019, the WRO International Final was organised in the city of Győr, in Hungary. Little did we know then that the following seasons would be severely impacted by a virus-borne disease we now know as Covid. This had serious impact on WRO worldwide – but work didn’t stop because of that.

In the buildup to WRO 2019, Edutus University, organizers of WRO 2019, realised that the international final would be a great opportunity for neighbouring countries to witness WRO first-hand. And in this way attract them to join the international WRO community.

The pandemic presented many challenges in the following years. To a large extend it prevented physical competitions from being organised. However, Edutus University continued the work to secure participation across the new member countries – even as this required an online competition system needed to be developed.

Fast forward to 2022 and all the hard work done by Edutus is showing results. Their support of the new national organizers in each country means, that WRO expect to welcome teams and organizers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Georgia to WRO 2022.

Claus Ditlev Christensen, WRO Secretary General, says: “Despite a pandemic – and now a global economic crisis – WRO continues to increase our reach and impact young learners worldwide. To me, this is a strong display of the importance of a dedicated community”.

Visit for more information about the 2022 WRO International Final in Dortmund, Germany, 17-19 November 2022.