As in many other countries in Europe and around the world, Germany experienced restrictions due to the Corona pandemic last winter. In Germany, the measures were eased only a month ago, allowing for school events to take place in an almost normal way again.

It is all the more gratifying that our organizer TECHNIK BEGEISTERT in Germany has managed to motivate many teams to participate in the 2022 WRO season. After the registration deadline last week, more than 430 teams have registered.

From mid-May to mid-July, 30 regional competitions will now take place in face-to-face format, as well as a hybrid competition in the Future Innovators category. At all events, teams can qualify for the Germany finals in September. With around 110 teams, the German final will also be one of the largest national finals in Europe.

In Germany, an entire community is involved in staging the local competitions, at the German and International Final in November. “At the International Final, a total of about 200 volunteers will be involved – in addition to the judges from the WRO countries. And many of them have experience from our local events and the national final,” Kristoph Mattner from TECHNIK BEGEISTERT explains.

With  430 WRO teams, Germany has reached almost 60% of the teams from the year before Corona (2020: 740 registered teams). However, the organizer is already looking ahead: “The capacity for teams was already higher this year and for 2023 we are planning with up to 45 regional competitions. This was part of our strategy of hosting the International Final – growing the community as well. As the pandemic continues to fade into the background, we look forward to many more WRO teams in Germany,” says Markus Fleige from TECHNIK BEGEISTERT.

For the WRO Association, it is a good signal that in the country of our International Final this year, the WRO community continues to be very active even after the pandemic. “We know that the pandemic and other crises affect our WRO countries differently. We will therefore be very happy if many countries manage to be present at the International Final in Germany in November and we will again have the chance to meet face-to-face on an international level,” says Claus Ditlev Christensen, Secretary General.

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