A new study conducted by researchers from Shanghai Normal University reveals the impact of student participation in WRO robotics competitions.

From surveys and interviews with team coaches from 41 countries, the study demonstrates significant impact on seven dimensions; Learning Skills, Engineering Thinking, Emotional Engagement, Career Choice, Problem Solving, Collaboration Quality and Global Consciousness. On a 5-point Likert scare the average score was 4,29 indicating that coaches participating in the study believe that participation in WRO competitions improve students’ abilities across all dimensions.

This result is consistent with a study conducted in 2019 in Germany with current and former participants, that showed a large effect across 5 dimensions (Building a Robot, Programming a Robot, Teamwork/Collaboration, Communication and Problem Solving).

In WRO we are excited that research and in-depth studies show us that our work yields the desired results. The key take-aways are that participation in WRO makes young people learn new skills, understand the world around us better and empower them to make informed decisions on their future careers.

The full study is available here.