You might have heard whispers of WRO 2.0. Now it’s here: We are launching a big game update and a new look for World Robot Olympiad!

Bring out the popcorn because this is a historic moment! We are launching the biggest update of the WRO competition programme ever! Why? Because it was time, and the pandemic gave us the time to make it happen. We’ve reworked, and reinvented, and redesigned. The result is, that we are now able to proudly present updated games, categories and a brand new design.

The first place you will meet the new and improved WRO is our redesigned website. The structure is different than before, and you will find new features – such as a practical world-map, where it’s easy to locate the National Organizer in each country. We invite you to take a tour of our new website to get a feel of the new WRO.

WRO 2.0 deep dive

For those of you curious enough to dive in deeper, we asked our Secretary General Claus Ditlev Christensen four questions to shed more light on WRO 2.0:

Why WRO 2.0 now?
After years of making small adjustments to the competition concept when needed, we felt that it was time for a thorough reworking. WRO 2.0 is a relaunch of our competition programme, which will be a solid foundation for us in the coming years.

What are the key changes in WRO 2.0?
We have divided our four categories into two types of competitions: The Robo games which are more traditional table games, where our longstanding Premium Partner LEGO plays a big part, and the Future games, where participants decide which technology and platform to use. As an example, we have defined the former Open category more clearly as Future Innovators. As a result, participants will learn 21st Century skills to become exactly that: Future Innovators. Skills they will need to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet.

What does WRO 2.0 mean for potential new partners?
We are already talking to new partners, who are very interested in developing the workforce of the future with us. It’s the companies who understand the value of bringing STEM education to youth now, who will be able to attract valuable employees such as WRO alumni in the years to come.